Monday, June 16, 2008

Pain and Exercise an Inevitable Combination

Every once in a while pain and injury is experienced by individuals who frequently engage in strenuous physical activities. To some athletes or health buffs, pain is a friend, some on the other hand, would rather avoid suchs activities than experience additional pain. However, this move may actually worsen the condition because inactivity may promote muscle degeneration. When this happens even the simple exercises may lead to the development of pain. Once the muscles start to deteriorate, other problems may soon develop such as diminishing bone density, depression, and a weakened heart. On the contrary, regular exercise can help keep joints flexible and strong. Regular exercise may also reduce the occurrence of pain that is caused by exertion.

However exercise and other physical activities should be done properly because different kinds of exercises provide different kinds of health benefits. For example, flexibility workouts involve stretches that can help enhance range of motion. Cardiovascular includes aerobic workouts, walking, water exercises, and cycling. Strength and conditioning, includes isometric or isotonic workouts. Isometric workouts are static exercises that involve applying resistance without moving the joint. An example of isometric workout is pressing your hands against the wall while standing. It works out your chest muscle without joint movement. Isotonic workouts, on the other hand, use the full range of motion such as bicep curls and leg extensions.

Different exercises work for different individuals. A certain exercise that works for one may not work for another. Consult a doctor or a well-trained fitness instructor before engaging in a fitness program to achieve optimum results and avoid the occurrence of injuries that may hinder one’s health and fitness goals. Injury prevention is not easy but it can be achieved by engaging in proper exercise routines which include warm-ups and cool-downs. Doing these pre and post workout exercises is necessary in preventing the development injuries because warm-ups prepare the body for the strenuous activity ahead. Cooling down on the other hand slows down the heart rate and returns the muscles to their resting stage.

However, injuries are inevitable when it comes to sport and other physical activities if development can only be lessened. Every once in a while injuries will occur whether we like it or not. However the occurrence of injuries should not be a cause of concern because self care remedies like resting, applying ice, compressing and elevating the injured part may greatly speed up the healing process. In addition to these health care remedies, the use of muscles relaxants and other drugs may reduce the pain that may be experienced with injuries. Medications for pain should be used properly to prevent the development of side effects, allergies, drug interactions, among others. Medical research also shows that frequent use or taking them in large doses may damage the liver in the long run.

Pain is certain and expected especially in exercise and other physical activities. Pain may be a sign that one’s exercise program is effective or it’s a flop. Proper understanding and a doctor’s help is needed to determine which is which.

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