Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Different Training Methods for Different Health Goals

Athletes are individuals who workout and train to be the best they can be. This is necessary to be on tip-top shape for competition and other important events. There are different methods of training that are designed to improve the overall fitness of athletes. Without proper training, the risks of developing injuries may be heightened and fatigue may be easily experienced. Here are some scientifically-approved training methods that are done by world class athletes.

Interval Training

Interval training is composed of sets of exercises that are broken with rest or relief periods which include mild to light exercise. Engaging in this kind of training allows individuals to exercise at higher intensities and in extended periods. In addition, both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism can improved by this kind of training.

Sprint Training

Sprint training is a fitness regimen that helps develop speed and increase muscle strength. Medical studies show that individuals who want to improve their speed and muscle strength should sprint repeatedly at maximum speed, while allowing for complete recovery between sprints.

Interval Sprints

Interval sprints help develop aerobic capacity and involves alternate sprinting for 45 to 50 meters, and jogging for 55 to 60 meters in a distance of about three miles.

Acceleration Sprints

Acceleration sprint training develops strength and speed. This is achieved by gradually increasing speed while running. For example, from jogging to striding to sprinting, followed by brisk walking. Intervals usually range from 50 to 100 meters each.

Fartlek or Speed Play

This training method is designed for general conditioning and provides variety for different workouts. It involves running at fast and slow speeds on courses that are both leveled and hilly. This is different from interval training because it does not involve specific exercises and rest periods. Individuals who want to engage in this training regimen may run at a slower pace for a few minutes and then run fast again for as long as they want—it’s like engaging in a speed workout without a specific structure.

Continuous Exercise Training

This kind of training is necessary to build endurance and is performed with distance that can be executed at a slow or fast pace. The aerobic system is the main energy source for this type of training.

Additional benefits of benefits of these types of fitness and training methods may include the following:
  • Helps to strengthen many muscles, including skeletal and cardiac muscles;
  • Helps to increase your heart rate and improve your health;
  • Focuses on problem areas such as your abdominal region and thighs.
The types of fitness training programs and routines that are available to people are many. Unfortunately, different types of training may also deliver different results. For this reason, the help of health and fitness professionals is necessary to achieve the desired results. This is important in making sure that these training methods are done properly and with the right intensity. Doing this may lessen the risks of developing injuries and other conditions, that may be detrimental to one’s health and well-being.

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